Not another blog! Why the fu…

Well, my reasons for starting this corner of internet are twofold; 1) because my rants and musings on diversity and equality issues around sex and gender kept cluttering up my personal journal and weren’t doing much of any use while penned in there, and 2) because while there seem to be a plethora of blogs covering a rounded view of Sexual & Gender Diversity issues on the American side of the Atlantic, any focusing on issues on British side tend to be either single issue or generally of a personal nature.

While I’ve no idea what this’ll turn into I’m hoping it will at least be a reasonable digest of comment and news about Sexual & Gender Diversity issues (and possibly other bordering equality issues) in the UK.

About Jessikat

If asked to define myself sex/pleasure/love/gender wise I’d probably call myself a queer polyamorous hedonistic-yet-loving femme-centric pansexual panaffectional pankinky D/s & SM switch nympho hugslut slightly-genderqueerish non-op trans girl *breathe!* ….but then I’m a whore to taxonomy. 😉

Currently living in Wales, UK, and happily polyamorously tied up with 3 life partners; 1 vanilla, a Mistress and a slave. Although interested in and available for fun, fucks, fights, play, or hugs with…

… Ok, enough with the dating profile.

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