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You still don’t know what “family values” are?

On Tuesday our Mr Brown, along with Australia’s Mr Rudd and the Bishop of London, gave a 3-way speech, apparently on the economic fuckstorm to a group of “religious leaders” / “faith and City leaders, charity workers and schoolchildren” (depending on whose article you read). Various news agencies, including the BBC, Sky, and Telegraph stated that the PM was advocating the adoption of ‘Family Values’ by the Financial Sector …while the Daily Heil Mail went as far as “Brown DOES do God as he calls for new world order in sermon at St Paul’s”.

Now, I think some of the Press need to check what they are saying before opening their mouths.

Now, sure, the 10,000 word speech certainly had numerous mentions of religion, and FOUR mentions (wow, that’s a lot!) of “family”, of which 2 were by Rudd, and the other 2 by Brown. One was not even about values, but the other 3 are below-

Gordon Brown

And I want to suggest to all of you here today that this most modern of crises, the first financial crisis of the global age, has confirmed the enduring importance of the most timeless of truths: that our financial system must be founded on the very same values that are at the heart of the best of our family lives.

Instead of a globalisation that threatens to become values-free and rules-free, we need a world of shared global rules founded on shared global values. …

Kevin Rudd (Australian PM)

I think a rediscovery of that through one important agency, given the impact of the current crisis, and that is the agency of family and community. This crisis in the United Kingdom, in Australia and in other countries will cause many people to lose their jobs. There will be a discovery afresh on the part of those affected by that, that those who are their neighbours or their friends of this extra call-back to family and to community, and in that, the discovery afresh of old truths.

Whatever was said of a religious or moralising nature, that speech WAS NOT ADVOCATING “FAMILY VALUES”!

“Family Values” is a clever little pseudonym that has been used (almost exclusively) for decades for a set of backward-looking, rose-tinting, authoritarian, fundamentalist-religion-infused, repressive, compulsory-conformity-loving, corrosive, anti-queer, antisexualist, patriachical political principles!!

It’s what Thatcher and Bush Jr. do on their meaner days, it’s Section28, it’s Prop8, it’s radical puritanism, the worst side of latter Victorian moralising, and the nice side of the Taliban!

Just to make it clear, here is just some of what “Family Values” is about;

  • Society is focused around the single unit of a “Family”
  • “Family” = Traditional Marriage
  • Traditional Marriage:
    • = 1 cis male + 1 cis female
    • this marriage is for life – divorce made difficult / banned
    • this marriage is about producing children
  • Intimacy, sex, and having children outside of marriage is punished
  • Sex is just for producing children, not for closeness, or pleasure
  • No room in this society for any form of same-gender intimacy or gender variance. i.e. no Queers! such behaviour is punished.
  • No porn or erotica. – Strong “obscenity”laws.
  • Children (i.e. under-18s) are the de-facto property of their parents.
  • No access to abortion (well it’s not exactly like you are getting any other autonomy is it!)
  • The Childhood Innocence myth.
  • Sex ed = absinence-only or none at all
  • A strict social hierarchy
  • etc, etc.

So, dear Media, please, whether you agree with or feel all deviants should be locked up, don’t start giving false impression of just what “Family Values” is!


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