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Know your symbols (EuroDSD = BDSM ?)

An article by Sophia Siedlberg on OII’s (Organisation Intersex International) website, which I got via TNUK piqued my interest when I saw it mention that a group called EuroDSD’s had a triskelion (or “threefold yin-yang” as Sophia calls it) as it’s logo.

EuroDSD is a recently formed pan-european “project” of medical people interested in intersex conditions. The “DSD” in their name represents the term ‘Disorders of Sex Development’, which is a disputed term amongst people with intersex conditions, and is notably used by Zucker and pals as part of their attempt to further pathologising intersex conditions and intersexed people, within their demonisation of all gender varience.

Anyway, this is EuroDSD’s logo;

which regardless of the group’s motives couldn’t help but make me laugh, since I’m rather familiar with triskelions*, and know that particular one well in this form;

the BDSM symbol. Which has also been incorporated into the BDSM Rights Flag;

Both the BDSM usages have been going since the mid-90s and at least 2005 respectively. So whatever the story behind EuroDSD, or their opinion on consensual slavery and hot bondage sex, I think they’re going to be a tad embarassed. 😛

* being both a symbology geek and a kinksters (someone into BDSM).


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